So many divorces in entertainment arena this year

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Senior reporter, Rtv online

People have witnessed some good number divorce incidents in the showbiz arena of the country this year that were not seen in the previous years. Though the incidents happened but in most cases the couples were engaged in their bond by loving each other. So usually the question arises- Where is the problem?

The news of the divorces is creating bad affect to the mind of general people. The stars of the entertainment arena are ideals to their followers. They are the beloved persons of the followers. So, they need to be more responsible for maintaining their relations. Because, people follow them.

People can make their life easier through being respectful and obedient to each other for maintaining relation. Now let’s take a look at the most discussed divorce news of the current year with a hope that it won’t be happened in the next coming years.

The rumor of Shakib-Apu divorce comes true: There is nothing to say about Shakib-Apu couple. Everybody is aware of them as there was so much practices highlighting their relation in the news and social media. Film hero Shakib Khan sent divorce notice to Apu Bishwas on November 22. But the news busted in December. Shakib showed two reasons in the divorce notice. He alleged that Apu went to India with her said boyfriend leaving their son to housemaid. He also said that Apu did not follow his directions. So, he wanted the divorce.

Shakib and Apu got married in April 18, 2008. This star couple concealed their marriage news for 9 years. At last Apu appeared before a private television channel with their six-month-old son Abram in April 10, this year.

Family of Tahsan- Mithila broken: The couple of Tahsan-Mithila is very much popular among the young generation. Their affairs grew up in 2004. They got married in 2006. But in this year Tahsan informed about their divorce in a face book status. After the divorce Mithila said, there were lots of changes between a man of 11 years earlier and at present. So, the hard decision of divorce was taken. Their only girl child is living with Mithila.

The marriage of Sporshia-Rafsan does not exist: Model Sporshia and young director Rafsan got married in October 1, 2015. Then they divorced each other on August 21 following feud in their relation.

Dramatic divorce of Mila: Singer Mila and aeronaut Parvez Sanjari got married to each other on May 12 in a formal way after 10 years of affairs. The news of their divorce came into light in September but Mila brushed aside the incident terming it as a rumor. At last she made sure of their divorce over a face book status. Not only that she also filed a case against Sanjari under women repression act. Sanjari was in the jail in this case. Now he is in bail.

Divorce of Mohon Khan-Nova: After their one and half years of love affairs, popular drama director Mohon Khan and actress Nova got married in November 11, 2011. After six years they settled for divorce in August 26.

Nova got a job in a corporate company and sought blessings to continue her service. About divorce she said, the divorce was done following our decisions. There were some problems and I want that this will not affect our son Sannidho.

Badhon’s divorce in the open: Popular actress Azmery Haque Badhon got married businessman Mashrur Siddiqi in September 8, 2010. Girl child Sayra came into their life. But in August, 2014 they appealed to the court for divorce. Badhon is living at her father’s home with her daughter for the last five years. Recently Mashrur married again. The news of their divorce came to the media this year. Both Badhon and Mashrur want their daughter to live within their responsibilities. Badhon also filed a case in the court in this connection.

Shokh and Niloy living separate: Their introduction to each other while performing in an advertisement. From there friendship and love grew between Anika Kabir Shokh and Niloy Alamgir. They made their bondage of marriage in January 7, 2015. It is known that the couple is not living under the same roof and they are preparing to make divorce. But Shokh and Niloy both of them are not willing to talk about the matter.