Wish the cinema would be a real cinema: Tahsan

A H Murad
|  07 Jan 2018, 00:00 | Update : 07 Jan 2018, 23:02
Tahsan Khan. No need to introduce him freshly. But in the recent days discussions have begun freshly centering Tahsan. The reason is, the handsome singer-actor is going to act in the film. The popular heroine of Kolkata Shrabanti will play her role in the film against the blusterous popular star of local showbiz Tahsan. The name of the film is ‘Jodi Ekdin’. Tahsan talked to Rtv online over the film directed by Mohammad Mostafa Kamal Raj. Senior Reporter AH Murad took the interview.

In the film after shaking the music and drama arena

I am getting offer to work in cinemas for several years. But script of this cinema makes me interested to work in particular. As an entertainer my job is to entertain Bangladesh. But everything depends on how the spectators would accept the film after its completion.

How do you feel at the moment?

To say about my feeling for acting in the film I have to go back to my past. When my first music album was released, when I saw my first drama on television screen- there were some feelings. I am feeling the same kind of excitement after coming to act in this film.

Want to know about the story of the film

It is a tale of a family of our country. An eight year old little girl is acting as the central character. From that point of view it is supposed to be a familial film beyond traditional custom. The story is its life. We want to represent ourselves to the people from the point of emotion. Perhaps, it has no item song or fighting like commercial film but what it has is the story. The story of the cinema is its main power.

You have gained massive popularity for acting in drama. How much of this continuation would you be able to maintain in film?

People’s expectations are getting broader day by day. For me the challenge is much bigger. I want that the cinema would be a real cinema. This is the challenge to me. People who come from drama arena to perform cinema have to face criticism. Whether the cinema is going to be drama. I had a number of good conversations with the director. We want to offer a full cinema.

When the film will be released?

So far I know no specific timeframe is fixed for releasing the film. All the team members are trying to present a good film. Decision will be taken to release it when all would think that they were able to work according to their target.      



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