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Ayub Bachchu passes away

Rtv online report
|  18 Oct 2018, 00:00 | Update : 18 Oct 2018, 17:14
Renowned band singer Ayub Bachchu passed away. Inna Lillahe wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun.

The physicians of Square Hospitals declared the news of his death in the morning on Thursday.

Manager of Ayub Bachchu’s band LRB Shamim Ahmed confirmed the information to Rtv online.

Renowned singer and guitar legend Ayub Bachchu was born in Chattogram in 1962. In 1991 he along with his friends formed the different angle band ‘LRB’. In the field of music he was very popular as lyricist, composer, music director and singer.

Basically he was a rock singer but he enchanted the music loving people with his modern songs, classical songs and folk songs. His first song was ‘Harano Bikeler Golpo’.

The first music album of Ayub Bachchu was ‘Rokto Golap’. His success came from the second album ‘Moina’. He also performed play-back songs in some films.

He also sang in innumerable albums. Of these the albums- Moina, Koshto, Prem Tumi Koshto, Duti Mon, Somoy, Eka, Pother Gan, Vatir Tane Matir Gane, Jibon, Sound of Silence, Rimjhim Brishti are mentionable.

There are some famous songs of Ayub Bachchu like- Sei Tumi Keno Ochena Hole, Rupali Guitar, Rat Jaga Pakhi Hoye, Koshto Pete Valobashi, Madhobi, Ferari Mon, Ekhon Onek Rat, Ghumonto Shohore, Baro Mas, Haste Dekho, Ek Akasher Tara, Ural Debo Akashe and many others.


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