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I have no Facebook-Twitter-Instagram account: Dighi

Rtv online report
|  05 Mar 2018, 00:00 | Update : 05 Mar 2018, 21:34
Dighi, the sweet girl, who has attained huge popularity as a child artist says, I have no Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. Even I do not use the mobile phone.

A rumor was spread that Dighi is coming on the big screen being heroine of Shakib Khan in the film ‘Oshikkhito Chhele’. But it was even not known to Dighi herself or her father film actor Subrata.

Dighi said, there are some fake ids in the social media named after me. Somebody could have spread the misleading information from there in this regard.

Though gaining huge popularity as a child artist in the media but at the moment Dighi wants to be busy with her lessons. Now she is studying in class ten. For that reason she is now keeping herself far from acting so that no hindrance is created for her lessons.

Dighi gained massive popularity through acting as a model in an advertisement of Grameenphone. While she was asked whether she would act as a model in the coming days, she answered, I must do that if it is good but that depends on my father. I do not understand much. I will do that for sure if my father would say it is good.

Dighi said that she has no plan of acting at the current moment. When she was asked whether she would act in drama or not, her prompt answer was, if I would act then I will do it for film. Please pray for me so that I could pass the SSC examination in well manner.  


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