All in Kolkata like Shakib very much: Dipa Khondokar

Pavel Rahman
|  08 Mar 2018, 00:00 | Update : 08 Mar 2018, 20:17
The acting career of Dipa Khondokar is nearly two decades old. She has taken place in the heart of uncounted people through her work in the television drama and advertisement. Now she is acting in a film.

Dipa is at present in Kolkata to take part in the shooting of the film ‘Bhaijan Elo Re’ directed by Jaydeep Mukherjee. She is acting as a sister of Shakib Khan in the film.

Dipa Khondokat told Rtv online from Kolkata, the shooting is going on in a set named Maclin in Kolkata. It will continue till March 16. A number of people like Shakib Khan, Monira Mithu from Bangladesh and Shrabanti, Rajdav Dutt from Kolkata are taking part in the shooting.

When asked about Shakib Khan Dipa said, Shakib is a very serious and attentive actor. As a co artist he is also tremendous. And everyone in Kolkata likes Shakib very much.

Dipa in her long acting career did not act in film. She said, I tried to act in dramas based on good stories. Audience also liked those. I was waiting for attractive character for the big screen. In the first film I have found an excellent story. Everybody will love it.

Dipa said that the shooting of the film ‘Bhaijan Elo Re’ will take place in London from April 1 to 10. After completing shooting in Kolkata on March 16 she will return to Dhaka on March 17. Then she will take preparation for next step shooting in London.

There are three women characters in the film. One of those is being performed by Dipa. Shrabanti Chaterjee and Payel Sarkar are in the other two roles. Shantilal Mukherjee is acting as the opposite artist of Dipa in the film.


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