Mousumi Nag on waiting

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|  27 Nov 2017, 00:00 | Update : 14 Dec 2017, 18:09
The favorite face on the small screen Mousumi Nag has also proved her talent on the big screen. Her acting in the film ‘Run Out’ was praised loudly. In the film the facile acting of Mousumi Nag caught attention of the spectators. Besides, she was seen in the different dimensional film ‘Prarthona’.

After that she was not seen in any film. She was on maternity leave for two years. Recently she is getting active on the small screen. The actress also said that she will act for big screen again if she found good script and character.

Mousumi Nag said to Rtv online, I got good response for acting in the film ‘Run Out’. I acted as the character of Zenith in the film. While acting in the film I thought something good was going to be happened. I want to represent myself through better story and character. I was in a break for some days and now returning to the work. I will act in a film if found desired role.

Besides, recently Mousumi has done the shooting of a drama sequel named ‘Maya Masnad’. Actor Niloy is in the counter role. About the drama she said, Saida is the name of my character in the drama. She was brought from Persia. She fell on different complexities after coming to the royal family here. The story is different. I am enjoying the work. I think spectators will like the sequel which was made based on the story of king and emperors.


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