More than 6 thousand crore taka going abroad

Zahid Rahman
|  22 Mar 2018, 00:00 | Update : 22 Mar 2018, 20:23
The distribution companies are going to buy pre-paid meters for two and half crore electricity subscribers with the rate of 5 thousand taka from the foreign firm. But if the meters are produced in the country then the cost would be only two and half thousand taka. As per calculation the excess expense would be 6.25 thousand crore taka.

The introduction of pre-paid meters started from 2009-10 with power distribution companies’ own fund and with BUET’s cooperation. There were some problems in the beginning but BUET solved those. The foreign made meters are going to be bought though 20 thousand meters are still active.

Experts have complained that to provide special benefit to some quarters this misuse of people’s money is going to be happened. The opined that this type of imperious activity is going to be happened by undermining the accountability.

According to the information of power distribution companies, including the 8 lakh subscribers of DESCO, 14 lakh of DPDC and 25 lakh of PDB, for the total 2.5 crore subscribers the expenditure will be 12.5 thousand crore taka. People have to bear all the expenses.

BUET Professor SM Lutfar Kabir said, the cost of each meter must be within 2.5 thousand to 3 thousand taka if those are made in the country.

Energy expert Shamsul Alam said, there is nothing like consumer interest at the moment. The businessmen are doing whatever they want.

But the distribution companies are saying that everything was done by abiding by the ministerial directions.

DESCO  Chief Engineer AKM Mohiuddin said, we are purchasing most of the meters through Telephone Shilpa Shangstha.

Executive Director (Engineering) of DPDC Md. Ramiz Uddin sarkar said, we fix the price through tender.


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