Korean leaders meet in surprise summit

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|  26 May 2018, 00:00 | Update : 26 May 2018, 21:13
The leaders of North and South Korea have met in the demilitarized border area between the two countries.

The meeting is only the second between South Korea's Moon Jae-in and the North's Kim Jong-un.

It comes as the two sides continue efforts to put a historic US-North Korea summit back on track.

On Thursday US President Donald Trump cancelled the summit, scheduled for 12 June, but later suggested it might still go ahead.

The latest talks were held on the northern side of the Panmunjom truce village, between 15:00 and 17:00 local time (06:00 and 08:00 GMT), Moon's office said.

"Both leaders exchanged opinions... for the successful holding of the North Korea-US Summit," it added, saying that Moon will announce the outcome of the talks on Sunday morning.

The talks between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim, if they were to go ahead, would be focused on ways of denuclearizing the Korean peninsula and reducing tensions.

While the goal of both sides is said to be denuclearization, what this actually means to Pyongyang and Washington appears to differ.

US officials have said they would like to see the complete and irreversible dismantling of the North's nuclear program and weapons, allowing international inspectors to check every step of that process, before any talk of sanctions being lifted.

For North Korea, denuclearization means a much more reciprocal agreement. If Pyongyang were to give up its nuclear assets, it would like to see a comparable gesture from Washington.

The US has a large military presence in South Korea and in Japan - both of which North Korea would expect to be scaled down. It also wants assurances that its survival as a state would never be in question.

Source: BBC


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