Bangladeshi passport seekers throng in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Mahabub Hasan Hridoy, Dubai
|  11 Oct 2018, 00:00 | Update : 11 Oct 2018, 22:36
Thousands of Bangladeshis are throng in the Bangladesh Consulate in Dubai and in the Embassy of Bangladesh in Abu Dhabi to get their passports and out passes. The authorities are about to scramble to face the pressure. The situation has turned into this stage after the UAE government offered opportunity to the illegal foreigners to be legalized.

Like the many other countries Bangladeshis are residing in the UAE illegally. The government of the country offered impunity for the illegal residents to get legalized from August 1 to October 31. The impunity covers returning to their respective countries in the stipulated timeframe or being legal to live in the UAE. It has created much response among the Bangladeshis living there.

The crowd used to gather in Bangladesh embassy in Abu Dhabi and in Bangladesh Consulate General office in Dubai. Ambassador of Bangladesh appointed in Abu Dhabi Mohammad Imran said in this regard, the amnesty of this period is not like other time. Earlier it was asked to leave the country after getting out pass but this time the Emirates government offered opportunity to the expatriates to be legal after obtaining visas while staying in the country. So the pressure is more in the embassy at present.

He also said, we are working on to provide passports easily to the Bangladeshis residing here illegally to avail the opportunity. We have relaxed many documents for the applicants for passport. We think that thus we can meet the target in the stipulated time.

About the sudden pressure the Consul General in Dubai S Badiruzzaman said, we faced some problem at the beginning as there was manpower problem but it became normal later.

Badiruzzaman also said, with overall supervision of the consulate and the tireless efforts by the colleagues, journalists and community members we could manage to bring the recent service into a satisfied level. We are achieving our target. We want cooperation from all to end the task in a disciplined way.

Bangladesh consulate general in Dubai so far issued 30 thousand 841 passports with reissue service. Of these there were 21 thousand 383 Machine Readable Passports and 7 thousand 849 hand written passports. More than half of the issued passport holders are staying illegally in the country.

Of the hand written passport holders 10 percent are in police verification process and 2 percent passport seekers returned as they had no document.

About out pass the consulate Labor Counselor ASM Jakir Hossain said, though at the beginning people collected out pass at a lesser number but later the crowd increased. I have so far issued out pass for 6 thousand 715 persons since August to till at present.


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