Sugarcane juice Pakistan’s 'national drink'

International Desk, Rtv Online
|  27 Jan 2019, 00:00 | Update : 27 Jan 2019, 10:05
The government of Pakistan has declared sugarcane juice as the 'national drink' of the country.

Before the declaration, the government has run a poll on social networking site Twitter asking people to decide the national drink of Pakistan.

In the poll, there were three options  -Orange juice, sugarcane juice, and carrot juice.

According to the poll, 7616 people cast their votes out of the 81 per cent selected the option of sugarcane juice, 15 per cent voted in favour of the orange juice while 4 per cent chose the option of carrot juice.

Following majority votes, sugarcane juice has been declared as the ‘national drink’ of Pakistan.




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