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Hot or cold water for bath in winter?

Rtv online desk
|  16 Dec 2017, 00:00 | Update : 16 Dec 2017, 20:47
The winter has already come. It is like struggling with ourselves to take a bath early in the morning or at the end of day in this season. There are also people who used to take bath two to three days after in the winter which is not good for health at all. It needs to take bath everyday during winter like the other days in the hot season.

But there is no ending of the debate that with what kind of water (hot or cold) we should take bath in the winter. Physicians say, bath always should be taken with cold water whatever the season is. Let’s take a look why we should take bath with cold water,

- Cold water increases blood circulation in our body. It keeps our body warm and blood pressure normal.

- It keeps our breathing normal and also helps to inhale sufficient amount of oxygen.

- There is no alternative of cold water for taking care of hair and skin. Problems like dandruff, rash and hair fall arise by pouring hot water. On the other hand, cold water blocks the pore of skin and protect from dirt, flourishes hair and maintains the moisture of skin.

- Sportsmen always take bath with cold water after game or exercise. The reason is that it helps to move away muscle pain and tiredness.

- There is no alternative of cold water for keeping away depression and frustration. It removes mental pressure, keeps mind fresh and helps to sleep without tension.

- Cold water increases disease protection capacity by decreasing white blood cells and keeps blood circulation orderly in the artery. It also keeps our heart and other organs fit.


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