Outsiders’ movement banned in DU campus

Rtv online report
|  09 Jul 2018, 00:00 | Update : 09 Jul 2018, 18:32
Dhaka University administration banned outsiders’ movement in the campus. The outsiders will not be allowed to take position or hold any kind of activity.

The decision was taken in the provost committee meeting on Thursday.

The university administration informed about the decision to the media on Monday.

On pretext of the unwanted incidents following quota reform movement and to review the overall situation the members of provost committee sat in a meeting on Thursday.

Several decisions were taken in the provost committee meeting.

Such as, those who are not students at the moment cannot stay in the university halls. Even any guardian or visitor of a student cannot stay in the halls.

The university administration should be on high alert and active so that any banned militant organization member of extremist cannot enter or stay in the halls.

The provost committee also urged students for not delivering any provocative speech or spreading rumors.

Dhaka University Proctor Professor Golam Rabbani told Rtv online, outsiders’ entry was banned in the campus. We want cooperation from all. The decision will be implemented with help of all including students, teachers and police. It was done for the security of campus.


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