Stay alert to fake Rtv facebook pages

Rtv online report
|  24 Dec 2018, 00:00 | Update : 24 Dec 2018, 21:29
Fake facebook pages of Bangladesh’s popular satellite television channel ‘Rtv’ and popular news portal ‘Rtv online’ have been found. Using the logo of Rtv and Rtv online these pages are spreading different types of fabricated information and news. In this regard the organization filed a General Diary (GD) with Tejgaon police station on Monday afternoon. GD number-1171. Date- 24/12/2018.

It is mentioned in the GD, after opening fake facebook pages some miscreants are presenting fake information and news on different matters including parliament elections. This news is not published by Rtv. So there is fear of huge loss to the state.

It is also mentioned in the GD, there are 14 facebook pages of Rtv and Rtv online including 7 verified pages.

The seven verified pages are:

Rtv International
Rtv Sports
Rtv Business
Rtv Politics
Rtv Entertainment
Rtv Music

Besides,  there are 7 non-verified pages of Rtv. These are:

Rtv Drama
Rtv Movies
Rtv Lifestyle
Rtv News
Rtv Jobs
Rtv Plus
Rtv Tech News

The General Diary also said, Rtv authority will not be responsible if attempt is made to present false news or provocative information and for attempt to destroy interest of the country.

In this regard Rtv’s Chief Executive Officer Syed Ashik Rahman requested people not to be confused after watching any news or information from fake facebook pages using the logo of Rtv and Rtv online. He also mentioned that Bengal Media Corporation will not be responsible for this purpose.


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