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‘Fake’ cannot be used before the word ‘freedom fighter’: HC

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|  14 May 2019, 00:00 | Update : 14 May 2019, 17:12
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The High Court has given a direction saying- any person cannot be named as ‘fake’ who took part in the great liberation war. They will be summoned before the court if anybody from the government-private organization and media call the greatest sons of the nation as fake.

The High Court bench of Justice FRM  Nazmul Ahasan and Justice KM Kamrul Kader gave the directions while hearing a writ petition filed regarding freedom fighter’s certificate.

Deputy Attorney General ABM Abdullah Al Mahmud Bashar delivered the information to the newsmen.

He told the newsmen, nobody is permitted to use the word ‘fake freedom fighter’ or to use the word ‘fake’ before the name of nation’s greatest sons- the freedom fighters.

The Deputy Attorney General also said, as we have achieved the independent Bangladesh due to the sacrifice of freedom fighters and the court has said that it is clearly mentioned in the section 7 (Jha) of the freedom fighters council act-2002, it is the guilt of the certain person if he claims himself as freedom fighter after getting fake freedom fighter certificate. For this reason the greatest sons of the nation- freedom fighters cannot be termed as ‘fake freedom fighters’ overall. 

If anybody through forgery after getting the fake certificate claims himself as freedom fighter- that is the own crime or guilt of that person. Legal action will be taken in that case if necessary. It is nothing but dishonoring the greatest sons of the nation and their role through using the word ‘fake freedom fighter’ by that particular person.


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