The Unsinkable Boat! (Video)

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|  14 Mar 2018, 00:00 | Update : 14 Mar 2018, 16:06
From swimmers to the people who don’t know how to swim fear of drowning. It would have been better if you could freely travel in the river or sea. That dream is finally going to become true. An Ireland-based boat manufacturer company named Seafhaven Marine has made a boat named ‘Thunder Child’ which will never sink reports the Mail Online.

Dubbed the 'Thunder Child', incredible footage shows the search and rescue vessel - with passengers inside - being pushed over in the water by a crane.

The crane pulls the boat 180 degrees before allowing the 54 knots (62 mph/100 km/h) vessel to bounce back into an upright position.

Frank Kowalksi, managing director of Safehaven Marine, told Mail Online that keeping the boat upright required several tweaks to its design.

'It is a combination of three factors: A very low centre of gravity, the buoyancy of the cabin and the cabin must also be completely water tight,' he said. 

'The area of the cabin must contain enough air to keep the vessel afloat and it is important no water gets into the cabin.'

He added that the air inlets close automatically to stop water being let in. 
Much like in racing cars, the lower the centre of gravity, the more stable a boat becomes. 

Whilst this makes it much harder for the Thunder Child to flip over initially, it also helps return the vessel the right way up. 

When underwater, the low centre of gravity shifts to the very top of the boat, making it unstable and capable of flipping back upright.
Mr Kowalksi said: 'We have made about 130 boats in the last 20 years and they are used in 26 countries and territories.  

He also said, 'They are used by coastguards, lifeguards and Port Authorities as high speed rescue vehicles across the world.'   
To test the self-righting ability of the boat, the developers used a crane to pull the boat over to 180 degrees while on water.

The boat is the new version in the boat list of the company.


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