YouTube offers reward to Rtv

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|  14 Dec 2017, 00:00 | Update : 14 Dec 2017, 16:34
YouTube channels of Rtv are also creating their own positions among the audience and spectators of You Tube along with the television channel.

So for that YouTube authority has greeted the channel formally by providing crest and recognition letter as the subscription of ‘Rtv Drama’ on YouTube crossed one lakh.

On December 5, Tuesday Google Country Marketing Consultant Hashmi Rafsanjani came in the Rtv office and handed over the Silver Play Button Crest of Silver Creator Award to Rtv Managing Director Humayun Kabir Bablu and CEO Syed Ashik Rahman. Enthusiastic members of Digital Social Media (DSM) were present during the occasion.

In association a recognition letter signed by YouTube Chief Executive Officer Susan Ojcicki was also handed over. In the recognition letter Susan Ojcicki said, Rtv Drama achieved the milestone through hard work, determination and providing true entertainment.

According to the YouTube rules if any YouTube channel gets one lakh subscriber then it will be eligible for the honor of Silver Play Award. At present the subscriber number of ‘Rtv Drama’ is more than three lakh and it is increasing constantly.

TheYou Tube channel of Rtv Drama was opened on 4th April in the current year and it began the journey on 25th June. With the love of spectators it crossed one lakh subscriber in just 17 days. YouTube authority also recognized the channel as verified.

With whose initiative and all out supervision the channel has reached in such a height, he is Managing Director of Rtv Humayun Kabir Bablu. He said, Rtv is moving forward with the inspiration of building digital Bangladesh. With this continuation we have achieved today the Silver Play Button Crest of the Silver Creator Award. The journey of the channel started four months ago. In these four months our subscription has crossed three lakhs. We are moving forward with heroic steps in all the social media including YouTube.

Rtv Chief Executive Officer Syed Ashik Rahman said over the matter, we pay our most thanks and gratitude to the spectators. Because they watched and enjoyed-this is our attainment. Our efforts will get more pace from now.

In the channel Rtv aired dramas are being broadcasted. Of these sequel dramas Noasal, Olospur, Gulbahar and President Serajuddoula, dramas Ghaura Majid, Jomoj, Majnu Ekhon Pagol Nohe, Sentimental Selim, Mejaj Forty Nine, Love Strings and Bou Pagol have got huge popularity.

A group of youths are working round the clock behind this popular channel of social media. Social Media Team of the channel is now busy with content copyright. They are paying their attention on illegal uploading of Rtv aired dramas in online.

Apart from Rtv Drama there are also Rtv Movies, Rtv Telefilm, Rtv Islamic Show, Rtv Talk Show and Rtv Music Channels on You Tube.

Excluding Bangladesh the YouTube Channel of Rtv is mostly watched in Saudi Arabia. Besides, it is popular orderly in India, Malaysia and United Arab Emirates.

The YouTube link of the Rtv Drama is as follows:


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