BDR Mutiny: Death Sentence of 139 accused upheld

|  27 Nov 2017, 00:00 | Update : 14 Dec 2017, 18:25
In the judicial court 152 accused were awarded death sentence in the killing case during BDR mutiny at Peelkhana in the capital. Of them high court upheld death penalty of 139 accused.

A special bench of high court comprising Justice Md. Shawkat Hossain, Justice Md. Abu Zafor Siddiqui and Justice Md. Nazrul Islam Talukder delivered the verdict on Monday.

In the verdict the high court commuted punishment of 8 accused to lifetime imprisonment and 4 were acquitted. Another accused died in the jail while the legal proceeding was going on.

Besides, in the Peelkhana killing case appeals of 182 accused were rejected by high court and upheld the punishment of 10 years imprisonment.

The high court began to read out the verdict for the second day after 10 am. After an interval the reading out of the verdict began again at 2:36 pm.

AH / MK 

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