General students strengthen protest for freeing detained students

RTV Online Report
|  09 Apr 2018, 00:00 | Update : 09 Apr 2018, 14:25
The general students, protesting existing quota system, strenghthened protest for freeing the detained students and claimed their release within Monday noon. They uttered if detained students are not released within Monday noon, thay will go further hard line. In front of the central library of Dhaka University, the leaders of Bangladesh General Student Rights Protection Council said this.

Joint convener of general students’ organization MD Rashed Khan said, 'We want to tell the Inspector General of Police (IGP), those who are protesting are like your brothers or child. We are protesting for the rights. So if the detainees are not released within noon, the fires of the movement will spread across the country.”

In the meantime, general students of the public and private universities have started avoiding class and blocking the roads across the country.

Until getting the last news, general students of Dhaka University took position in front of Raju Sculpture of TSC. The police took position on the opposite side of them.

There were reports of blocking important roads across the country.


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