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Not doing politics in exchange of money: Dr. Kamal

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Dr. Kamal Hossain. File Photo.
‘We do not do politics in exchange of money. We do not do politics using the religion. We feel proud of it. We do non-communal politics based on people.’

The Gonoforum president and veteran politician of the country Dr. Kamal Hossain expressed his feelings in such a way after being greeted on his 83rd birth day at the party office in Motijheel on Saturday.

Dr. Kamal Hossain said, Gonoforum is stronger at the moment than the past. Some good people have marched forward and joined our party. They are joining for the reason that our popularity is gaining day by day and they want to play their roles. Now the major task is to engage in organizational activities. We have to keep it in mind that meaningful work cannot be done without strong organization and change for the country cannot be brought without it.

He said, the change that all want is active democracy. This change has to be brought through constructive politics. We can bring the desired change in the country based on the politics of constructive programs.

Mentionable, Kamal Hossain was born in Kolkata in the then undivided India on April 20, 1937. He left Bangladesh Awami League in 1992 and formed Gonoforum in 1993. In the last eleventh national parliament election his party got two seats after taking part under alliance with BNP.


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