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Rapists should be tried before firing squad: Sheikh Selim

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Awami League presidium member Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim said, rapists are inferior to beasts. What does it mean about tough law for them? They should be killed by placing before firing squad.

He said these after taking part in a discussion in a proposal placed by Tofail Ahmed MP under section 147 in the parliament on Monday.

Sheikh Selim said, those who killed Nusrat, are they human being? How brutally she was murdered. They are inferior to beasts. What does it mean about formulating tough law for this? They should be killed by placing before firing squad within 10 days, 15 days or one month period. Such law should be formulated. When somebody confesses then no need to go to court.

He said, terrorism and militancy in the name of religion have made all religions controversy. What they are getting? Where is humanity? 10 lakh Rohingyas were deported in the name of religion. Did we want this state? Did we want this world?

Sheikh Selim said, what is Islamic State? Is it mentioned in the Quran that there will be one state in the world? They speak in the name of religion. The injured are treated by Israel. Now time has for the world to stand against this.

He said, this militancy, terrorism engulfed Bangladesh after killing Bangabandhu. 18 attempts were made to kill Sheikh Hasina. One political party patronized this Bangla Vai, Shayakh Abdur Rahman.


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