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LDP announces ‘Jatiya Mukti Mancha’ to free Khaleda Zia

Rtv online report
|  ২৭ জুন ২০১৯, ০০:০০ | Update : ২৭ জুন ২০১৯, ২১:৪৬
Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has announced inception of ‘Jatiya Mukti Mancha’ to press home their demands of interim election and release of imprisoned political leaders and activists including BNP Chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia.

LDP president Colonel Oli Ahmed (retd.) declared about this new platform at a press conference at National Press Club on Thursday.

At the press conference Oli Ahmed said, LDP will fight with the cases filed against leaders and activists of opposition political parties after forming legal aid committee within next three months.

He also mentioned about their 18-point demand including unconditional release of Khaleda Zia and midterm national parliament election. Oli Ahmed also urged all to work for release of Khaleda Zia and leaders and activists being united.


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