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PM extremely dissatisfied over activities of some Juba League leaders

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|  15 Sep 2019, 00:00 | Update : 15 Sep 2019, 19:04
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After delivering order of removal for Shovon and Rabbani from their posts of president and general secretary of Bangladesh Chhatra League, the Awami League president and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has expressed extreme dissatisfaction over the activities of some Juba League leaders.

Comparing the Juba League leaders with recently sacked Chhatra League president and general secretary, she said, they are worse. She also criticized Juba League initiative to observe her own birth day.

Her remarks came in during unspecified discussion in the Awami League Central Working Committee meeting on Saturday.

According to the sources present in the meeting, the matter was introduced in the meeting by Awami League joint general secretary and former Juba League president Jahangir Kabir Nanak. According to the agenda he took part in the discussion of observing Sheikh Hasina’s birth day and said that the party wanted to observe her birth day with enthusiasm. When Sheikh Hasina expressed her unwillingness to observe the birth day, Nanak mentioned month-long program of Juba League to observe it.

Later party General Secretary Obaidul Quader also mentioned that Juba League organized milad, doa mahfil and discussion meeting on Saturday.

In this context Sheikh Hasina said that milad was organized to legalize extortion money. She does not want such milad mahfil for herself. Then she upheld different allegations which came to her regarding Juba League.

The Prime Minister said, one Dhaka metropolitan Juba League leader has escaped crossfire. Another leader moves with arms along with his companions. These have to be stopped. When Bangabandhu was killed nobody went out with arms, nobody protested with arms. In the bad times of the party nobody took position with arms.

She said, we are in power for three successive terms. Many made their fortune. But the condition of my workers of the bad time is still the same. Those who deals with arms, nourishes cadres has to be careful, stop this.


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