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Cricketers demand share of BCB revenue

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|  23 Oct 2019, 00:00 | Update : 23 Oct 2019, 21:29
The cricketers who are on strike to press home their 13-point demand have demanded share from the revenue of Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB).

The assigned person as the spokesman for the professional cricketers and Supreme Court lawyer Barrister Mostafizur Rahman said this at a press conference at a hotel at Gulshan in the capital on Wednesday evening.

Besides he said that copy of the demand in a form of a letter was sent to BCB through postal service and e-mail in the afternoon.

The 13-point demand of the cricketers:

First, the responsible persons of the Cricketers Welfare Association of Bangladesh (CWAB) have to resign. As they are associated with cricket board so they have to resign. There is no personal reason. Professional cricketers will run in the election every year.

Professional Cricketers Association was first formed in England in 1967. This type of institution has to be established for cricketers in Bangladesh. Only cricketers should remain there.

Second, Dhaka Premier League has to be returned. The existing draft system has to be abolished.

Third, as there is no time so there is no scope to change the rules of Bangladesh Premier League (BPL). But the BPL should go back to its old formation based on franchise tournament. The salary discrimination between the local and overseas players has to be driven out.

Fourth, first class match fee has to be fixed at 1 lakh taka.

Fifth, there should be 30 players in the BCB central contract.   

Sixth, there should be coach and physio facilities for 12 months and game, practice opportunities should to be increased in each division.

Seventh, salaries of coach and grounds men have to be increased. The framework should be like other test playing nations.

Eighth, there should be other T-20 league in the country apart from BPL.

Ninth, calendar of domestic cricket has to be developed and that must be followed strictly.

Tenth, players remuneration has to be paid timely and it must be followed by all the clubs not only for BPL.

Eleventh, the bar of playing not more two franchise cricket should be relaxed.

Twelfth, the share of profit that comes from cricket has to be distributed among cricketers.

Thirteenth, women cricketers should be brought under this framework. Equal rights have to be ensured.



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