Hold your head high Rubel, you tried your best: Brett Lee

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|  20 Mar 2018, 00:00 | Update : 20 Mar 2018, 13:38
Rubel Hossain is one of the few world-class fast bowlers given birth to in Bangladesh cricket. But this pacer expressed disappointment with 22 runs in an over in the Nidhaus Trophy final. After final match he posted on social media apologizing for the defeat. Seeing this Australian pacer said to keep his head high.

Brett Lee was commentator on the Nidhaus Trophy. The commentators of the other two countries evidently made remarks against Bangladesh. But Brett Lee played his role as a commentator neutrally. It has recently introduced Brett Lee newly to Bangladeshi fans.

At the end of the Nidhaus Trophy, Brett Lee said Rubel Hossain's Yorker has been very commendable. He said some of the bowlers who caught his eye in the entire Nidahas Trophy, Rubel Hossain was one of them and specifically expressed his enthusiasm about Rubel’s Yorker.

But after the final match Rubel Hossain said in a message posted on Facebook-Twitter, " I know it’s all my mistake but to be honest, I never thought Bangladesh would lose the game from such winning situation only for my mistake. I am seeking forgiveness to all my countrymen. Please forgive me. #Nidahas Trophy”

Rubel's message broke the heart of many Bangladeshi fans. They said that there was no need of Rubel's apology. He did not commit any offence. Rather, everyone has said proudly for what he did in the Nadhaas Trophy.

Brett Lee too understood the language of Rubel's apologies. Tweeting Rubel's tweet on his profile, Brett Lee said, "Hold your head high Rubel, you tried your best and I'm sure your country is proud of you.”



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